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Facility Use Policies

Avoid event disruptions and damage fees.

General Facility Use Policies

It is expected that proper care will be taken of the University Center and the Alumni House facilities. The following policies and procedures apply to all individuals and group sponsored events held in the facility:

  • Illegal use of alcohol, drugs, firearms, and gambling devices are not permitted within the building at any time.
  • Wine and beer are the only forms of alcohol permitted and served at events on campus. Wine and beer service must be requested through the Operations Manager. No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted on campus. For complete details on wine and beer service see the Wine and Beer Service section. 
  • The use of all tobacco products is prohibited in the University Center and Alumni House. This includes offices, leased spaces, doorways, meeting rooms, restrooms, dining areas, and patios.
  • Candles, excluding votive candles for banquets and/or receptions, are not permitted in the facility without written permission from the Director of Auxiliary and Event Services. If candles are to be used for ceremonial purposes, Auxiliary and Event Services staff must have access to the room or the student organization’s adviser must be present for the duration of the event. The room will be assessed for damages at the conclusion of the event.
  • Windows on the meeting room doors may only be covered with permission from the Director of Auxiliary and Event Services. Auxiliary and Event Services staff must have access to the room, or for private programs, the student organization’s adviser must be present for the duration of the event.
  • Tacking items to the walls is not permitted.
  • Sitting on tables or counters is not permitted.
  • It is the responsibility of the group using space inside the facility to place all trash in the conveniently located receptacles and leave the room in good condition. 
  • Animals are not permitted in the University Center with the exception of guide dogs, dogs used in law enforcement, and/or special occasions as approved by the Director of Auxiliary and Event Services.
  • Due to the proximity of food service, shoes and shirts must be worn at all times in the building.
  • The use of roller skates/blades, skateboards, scooters, and bicycles are prohibited in the facility. Bicycles must be stored in the racks outside the building, not blocking walkways or entrances.
  • No changes are to be made in the arrangement of the University Center furniture, equipment, or other University Center property unless prior approval has been granted.
  • Painter’s tape must be used when hanging posters/decorations/etc.
  • Solicitation, commercial activity, or requests for donations are allowed only in designated areas of the facility.
  • The University Center and Auxiliary and Event Service assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged articles. Articles that are discovered should be turned in to The Lost and Found in the Office of Auxiliary and Event Services. Refer to the Lost and Found section for more information.
  • All individuals using the facilities are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure proper care of the building and equipment. Any individual causing damage to the facility shall be held financially responsible for the extent of the damage. In group sponsored events, the sponsoring organization will be held accountable for damages. Intentional misuse, vandalism, defacing and/or destruction in any manner are strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.
  • In the interest of safety, all persons should evacuate the building calmly and immediately in the event of a fire alarm or other major emergency.
  • Any behavior exhibited in the University Center and Alumni House that violates the law will not be tolerated and may result in prosecution.


Decorations, displays, or exhibits that require flame or water cannot be used in the University Center or Alumni House. Votive candles are permitted when special arrangements have been made through the Reservation Office. (Open flame candles are prohibited.) Any damage done by wax dripping on carpets, wood floors, etc., will be repaired by Auxiliary and Event Services and the department/organization will be billed for labor, supplies, and equipment rentals. 

No nails, screws, hooks, etc., may be driven into any walls, floors, or ceilings. Regular masking, box, scotch, or duct tapes are not permitted on any walls, floors, or ceilings. Tape may not be used on floors unless it is designated as “floor tape.” Blue painter’s tape may be used on walls. Auxiliary and Event Services will provided the appropriate tape if needed. No decorations may be glued to any surface. No pins or tape (except for blue tape) may be used to affix posters, paper, etc., to the walls, tables, etc. No decorations may be hung from ceiling tiles or ceiling grids.

No glitter, confetti, sequins, or sand-filled items may be used. If used, the department or organization may be subject to a cleanup charge. 

Decorating plans not addressed within this policy should be reviewed by Auxiliary and Event Services staff prior to the event. If needed, building staff will assist your organization with alternative ways to hang materials that will not damage walls or finishes. These alternate arrangements must be resolved at least two days prior to the event. Violation of any of these policies may result in suspension of facility reservation privileges for the semester. Additionally, any damages done will be repaired by Auxiliary and Event Services, and the sponsor will be billed for all costs incurred on the basis of materials required and staff time. Similarly, excessive cleaning charges will be billed to the event sponsor.

Cleaning/Damage Fees

In addition to rental fees, labor charges will be assessed when an excessive amount of cleaning is required to return the areas utilized to a condition adequate for continued use. Extra charges will be assessed for damages resulting from chewing gum, candle wax, or misuse of any furnishings or equipment requiring repairs or replacement. Clients will be notified in writing of all damages and charges. Assessed labor and damage fees must be paid in full prior to regaining reservation privileges.


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